This 60 minute workshop is broken into four 15 minute segments that are easily consumable at your convenience.

You will learn the following:

  • The 5 ugliest mistakes organizations don’t know they’re making
  • How to break down the PCI DSS definition of scope
  • How to leverage key scoping concepts to ensure you’ve accurately captured scope
  • The PCA formula to easily manage in scope PCI assets through process improvement and automation

    Included in this workshop:

    • PCI scope assessment exercises
    • Best practices
    • PCI scoping tips from the PCI trenches
    • PCA’s Ultimate PCI DSS Scope Assessment Guide


    • This workshop will help prepare you for the immersive day long workshop, Demystifying Continous PCI DSS Compliance which will be held on site in St. Petersburg, Florida on April 5, 2023. Registration details coming soon!