Build Clean Keep Clean: The Secret Sauce to Continuous PCI Configuration Management

In a world of zero day vulnerabilities, daily breach reports, and tapped out IT Security teams, organizations deprioritize PCI DSS Compliance. 

However, if organizations had a Build Clean Keep Clean processes that they continuously followed, they’d minimize risk and exposure to bad actors as well as maintain continuous PCI DSS Compliance for 16 configuration requirements as well as key requirements such as logging, patching, and vulnerability scanning.

In our 5 part Build Clean Keep Clean Configuration Management on demand workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. The 5 most common errors organizations make with configuration management
  2. The basics of server hardening
  3. Why scanning is critical to this process
  4. What needs to be included in the scan report
  5. Timeline to remediate configuration drift
  6. 3 common configuration drift scenarios
  7. The benefits and value of implementing a Build Clean Keep Clean process
  8. The Build Clean Keep Clean process that every organization can adopt

Course Curriculum

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