Decrypting PCI DSS Requirements

Understand What You Need to Do, When You Need to Do It and the Evidence You Need to Prove It

In this course, we’re diving into decrypting PCI DSS Requirements and breaking them down so you understand what you need to do, when you need to do, and the evidence you need to provide.

Understanding the PCI DSS Requirements is where the rubber hits the road for PCIPs, PCI ISAs, and PCI QSAs.

Throughout this course, we’re deep diving into understanding the requirements and sub-requirements to include

  • 6 characteristics of a requirement
  • 6 common challenges in understanding the requirements
  • 4 key ingredients in the PCI DSS
  • Understanding the customized approach in PCI DSS v4.0
  • 3 tips from a former PCI ISA

Ready to dive in?

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