How To Implement Continuous PCI Compliance With A PCI Sustainability Framework That REALLY Works

According to the 2022 Verizon Payment Security Report, “full or continuous compliance still seems out of reach for 56.4% of the organizations analyzed.”

2022 Verizon PSR

If these organizations understood how to implement Continuous PCI Compliance, perhaps we’d see better results.

In this 60 minute course, we cover the following:

  • The difference between a project and a program
  • 4 common PCI Compliance misconceptions
  • 4 components of a continuous PCI Compliance program
  • 8 benefits of a continuous PCI Compliance program

Who this course is for:

  • CIOs, CISOs or other C suite executives with PCI DSS responsibilities
  • PCI ISAs or Compliance managers charged with establishing a continuous PCI Compliance program
  • System Administrators and other subject matter experts with PCI DSS responsibilities

Course Curriculum

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Part 1: Implement Continuous PCI Compliance
Part 2: Implement Continuous PCI Compliance