PCI DSS Compliance 101

Whether you’re new to PCI DSS Compliance or need a refresher, you’ll find this course helpful along your journey.

In this course we cover the following:

  • Understand your WHY
  • Lifecycle of a card transaction
  • Merchant levels and required reporting
  • The role of the PCI Security Standards Council
  • What is the PCI DSS
  • 6 objectives and 12 requirement areas of PCI DSS
  • Experience and certification requirements
    • PCI-P
    • PCI ISA
    • PCI AQSA
    • PCI QSA
  • A downloadable guidebook that you can use to document your why, your goals, your achievements, and track your PCI Compliance journey.
  • A short quiz to check your understanding of PCI DSS basics
  • A certificate of completion

Ready to dive in?

Course Curriculum

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