Our workshops provide you with the training and education you need to be successful in your PCI Compliance role.

  • Learn how to accurately assess and manage PCI scope.
  • Learn the art of how to plan and manage a Report on Compliance.
  • Master the skill of collecting the right evidence at the right time to ensure PCI DSS Continuous Compliance. 
  • Become skilled in how to create and implement a successful continuous compliance program.

Time Saving Tools

Our digital downloads are in pdf format which makes reading it, saving it, and printing out the checklists super easy.

  • PCI DSS Report on Compliance Planner
  • The Ultimate PCI DSS Scope Assessment Guide
  • PCI DSS Report on Compliance Interview & Observations Schedule
  • More guides coming in 2023

PCI DSS Coaching

With our coaching you will become a PCI DSS Compliance Rockstar!!

  • 10 hour package that comes with a proposed agenda (don't worry, it can be modified)
  • 5 hour package
  • Emergency 1-1

At Payment Card Assessments we’ve been in the trenches, we have first hand experience, and we understand the complexities of PCI compliance and how to manage them.  Whether we guide you through the process of standing up a compliance sustainability program or help you prepare for your next assessment, we will teach you how to tailor the program to the uniqueness of your business and maintain continuous compliance year-over-year.