PCI Sustainability

Save Your Company Time, Effort, and Money

A PCI Sustainability Program is a control framework based on “security” best practices found in the NIST and ISO 27001 frameworks.   A sustainability program will strengthen your security posture company wide.  The PCI Sustainability framework will enhance and support the existing processes and procedures you use today to secure your in-scope systems.  

Environments change, people change, and the PCI DSS controls have frequencies and by implementing a PCI Sustainability framework you will reduce overhead to control owners, subject matter experts, and other resources involved with the Report on Compliance cycle.  The PCI Sustainability framework becomes business as usual for the SMEs that implement the compliance controls thereby ensuring that your company maintains continuous compliance.  

When your organization is in a state of continuous compliance year-round it saves everyone involved in the process time and effort.  You will no longer be caught up in the endless fire drills that come with remediation activities during a RoC cycle and the program is designed to save both internal and external resource costs.

Payment Card Assessments will help you design and implement a framework that supports your PCI Program. A program of processes, procedures, workflows, and automation that will ensure continuous compliance.

$ 100 K+

Saved in Outside Assessment Fees


Successful reports on Compliance
for a fortune 100 company

Frequently Asked Questions

The PCI DSS requirements have frequencies.  A sustainability program will help you establish controls and repeatable processes that will ensure continuous compliance, pinpoint gaps, and identify remediation areas.

Depending on the complexity of your cardholder data environment it could take anywhere from 4-6 months.

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