PCI DSS Scope Assessments

Understanding what assets, which processes, and who’s in scope for PCI Compliance is one of the critical components of a successful PCI Report on Compliance or Self-Assessment.

At the beginning of any PCI DSS assessment it’s critical that you start with scope.  If you don’t have a firm grasp on what’s in scope for assessment, completing a self-assessment or, if you’re a level 1 merchant, a mandatory Report on Compliance is next to impossible.

Our experts will teach you HOW to do a scope assessment.  At Payment Card Assessments we will help you understand and know your scope, where and how you begin to create, build, and maintain a continuous PCI DSS Compliance program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the complexity of your cardholder data environment, it can take 4-6 weeks.

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We partner with you to create a PCI Report on Compliance assessment plan that creates repeatable steps year after year.