Navigating the ins and outs of PCI DSS Compliance is not for the feint of heart.  It is exhausting, confusing, and frustrating.  The PCI DSS security standards are intended to ensure that all companies that process, store, or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.   They don’t teach organizations how to implement a PCI DSS Compliance program that adheres to their standards and maintains continuous compliance.

We wish something like the Nolan & Cressey PCI Resource Center had existed back in 2012 when we first started as a PCI ISA and PCI Program Manager. It would have saved us hundreds hours of useless stress.  After hearing from you and what you need the most, we decided to take our combined 20+ years (that’s 40,000 hours!) of PCI experience at a Fortune 100 company and Level 1 merchant and created a resource center that teaches you how to implement, manage, and maintain a world class PCI Compliance program that your CIO or CISO will LOVE.

What the Resource Center Offers

There are courses, guide books, time saving tools, and much more.  The courses are displayed in the order we think is best suited for new PCI Compliance professionals.  The on-demand courses alone are a $800+ value.  The guide books, cheat sheets and process flows are easy to use and will improve your PCI Compliance program.   

Some of the on-demand courses you will find in the Resource Center:

  • PCI 101: An Overview of PCI DSS & Certification Programs
  • How to Manage Your PCI Scope Without Losing Your Mind
  • How to Plan, Manage and Deliver a Report on Compliance
  • Decrypting the PCI DSS Requirements
  • Build and Maintain a Secure Network
  • Build Clean Keep Clean: The Secret Sauce to Continuous PCI Configuration Compliance
  • Vulnerability Management: An Overview of PCI DSS Requirements 5, 6 & 11

NEW Courses added each month!  Emails go out when new material is added to the resource center and to remind members of upcoming Q&A calls.

Our monthly membership subscriptions are designed for:

  • Basic Plan – Individuals new to the PCI Industry
  • Pro Plan – Dedicated PCI professionals, that are involved in maintaining PCI Compliance
  • Corporate Plan – Organizations who want their employees to incorporate the Resource Center into their PCI Training Program
  • You are billed monthly for the plan you sign up for
  • The corporate plan is billed annually.

Is the Resource Center Right for You?

As awesome as the Nolan & Cressey Resource Center is, everyone learns differently. If you’re an individual looking for personal coaching or if you’re a company looking for in-house staff training, we have other options available for you. Reach out to us!

Disclaimer: Our Resource Center is for education and information purposes only. Subscribing to our Resource Center does not guarantee you’ll receive an Attestation of Compliance from your QSA.  If you decide to cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access until your current subscription cycle ends. There are no refunds.

Nolan & Cressey PCI Training and Resource Center