Is Your PCI Compliance Program Buried In Spreadsheets?

If you’ve got 4 in-scope devices, then yes. You probably can handle your PCI Compliance program with a spreadsheet.


If you’re a level 1 merchant with multiple cardholder data environments and hundreds if not thousands of in-scope assets, then a spreadsheet is not going to work. 

 5 reasons why it’s time to automate:

  1. You have 20, 30, or even 40 in scope technologies that provide network segmentation, security, or are simply connected to your cardholder environment.
  2. Your critical controls are failing because you can’t monitor them effectively from a spreadsheet.
  3. You have no idea what’s in scope because you’ve got 7 spreadsheets with assets, system administrators, system owners, etc., and you have no idea which spreadsheet is your authoritative source.
  4. Your processes for PCI Compliance are all over the place. Spreadsheets. Word docs. Wiki files. Notepad. Paper napkins.
  5. Institutional knowledge of your PCI Compliance program resides in someone’s head and they just quit.

Here’s how we can help you automate your PCI Compliance program:

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