In our workshops we teach you how to become a PCI DSS rockstar by sharing our combined 20 years of PCI DSS knowledge and wisdom working at a Level 1 merchant and Fortune 100 Company.

We have more on demand workshops coming and they’ll be included in our new Nolan & Cressey Resource Center!


Pivoting into PCI Compliance: What You Need To Know Before You Leap

In This Workshop You’ll:

  • Understand your why – why do you want to pivot into PCI Compliance
  • Overview of PCI DSS
    • Lifecycle of a credit card transaction
    • The 4 different merchant levels
    • Who must complete a Report on Compliance
    • Self-Assessments
    • The role of the PCI Security Standards Council
  • 4 Key PCI Compliance analyst and assessor roles
    • PCI-P
    • PCI ISA
    • PCI AQSA
    • PCI QSA
  • The current job market for PCI Compliance

How To Manage Your PCI Scope Without Losing Your Mind

During this 60 minute on demand PCI scope workshop, attendees will learn the following:

  • The 5 ugliest mistakes organizations don’t know they’re making
  • How to break down the PCI DSS definition of scope
  • How to leverage key scoping concepts to ensure you’ve accurately captured scope
  • The PCA formula to easily manage in scope PCI assets through process improvement and automation

On Demand:

The Art of Managing a Successful PCI Report on Compliance

Knowledge empowers! And who better to learn from than someone with a proven track record for managing 9 successful Report on Compliance assessments for a level 1 merchant.

In The Art of Managing A Successful PCI Report on Compliance, Peggy Nolan (CISA, PCI-P, (former) PCI ISA at a Fortune 100 Company and Level 1 merchant) is going to teach you, step by step, how to plan, manage, and successfully deliver the annual PCI DSS Report on Compliance.

During this 60 minute workshop, you will learn:

  • Five common mistakes and misconceptions about the Report on Compliance and how to avoid them
  • Four key concepts for a successful RoC
  • RoC Assessment Milestones
  • PCI DSS Requirement Basics
  • RoC Best Practices
  • What needs to be tracked before, during, and after a RoC
  • Bonus:This includes both the video recording AND the PCA Report on Compliance Planner

On Demand: Build Clean Keep Clean: The Secret Sauce To Managing Continuous PCI Configuration Compliance

In our 5 part video series, Build Clean Keep Clean Configuration Management workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. The 5 most common errors organizations make with configuration management
  2. The basics of server hardening
  3. Why scanning is critical to this process
  4. What needs to be included in the scan report
  5. Timeline to remediate configuration drift
  6. 3 common configuration drift scenarios
  7. The benefits and value of implementing a Build Clean Keep Clean process
  8. The Build Clean Keep Clean process that every organization can adopt
When you register, you’ll receive 5 videos and our Ultimate PCI DSS Scope Assessment Guide!