Wait a second.

There’s a painless way to complete a PCI Report on Compliance?

You’ve got to be kidding me.

I’m not kidding you.


1. Perform an accurate and complete scope assessment of your cardholder data environment and make it easy for your QSA to verify and validate.

Don’t know how? Our workshop, “How to Manage Your PCI Scope Without Losing Your Mind” will teach you our 6 step process for managing your PCI scope effectively and efficiently. 

This is an affordable workshop with actionable guidance you can implement right now to achieve the results your next PCI Report on Compliance or self assessment desperately needs.

2. Automate your critical controls and make it easy to self collect evidence with accurate dashboards and robust reporting.

Just about every technology in your cardholder data environment has some kind of reporting functionality. 

Make the time to figure it out and create meaningful and actionable alerting and monitoring processes.

You can’t wait 3 months for someone to tell you that 36 servers stopped logging 4 months ago.

You need to know almost instantly when a server stops logging. The clock’s ticking. You’ve got 24 hours to get that server logging and back into compliance.


Explore the Nolan & Cressey PCI Resource Center

3. Save at least 100 hours of mindless churn by consolidating your interviews and real time observations.

Stop interviewing the same person 15 times because you keep taking each interview requirement in isolation. 

Put it all together in ONE interview and capture the real time observations at the same time. 

Don’t worry, we’ve done the work for you. 

You can download the PCA Consolidated Interview and Observation Schedule and save yourself a 3 month long migraine.

4. Establish a 5 day turn around for all evidence requests.

30 days, 20 days, or even 10 days is too much time to wait for a screen shot that takes 2 minutes for a system administer to capture and send to you.

Give them 5 days and if they’re late, mark the control “not in place.”

When that happens, trust me, you’ll have that screen shot in 3 minutes.

5. Pull your head out your spreadsheets and automate your entire PCI Report on Compliance with Polaris PCA.

Polaris PCA costs $0.67 an hour.

Who can you hire for $0.67 an hour to turn your PCI compliance chaos into business as usual?

Absolutely nobody.

You can’t even buy a cup of coffee for $0.67.

But you can implement Polaris PCA and automate your PCI Report on Compliance processes.

Your PCI Internal Security Assessor (ISA) needs to assess evidence and ensure continuous compliance rather than chase after system administrators for screen shots of config settings.

And your QSA simply needs to test and assess what your ISA has confirmed.

Need Help Stat? See if 1:1 PCI DSS coaching is right for you

Polaris PCA has already been proven to:

  • Save over $100k in outside assessment fees.
  • Reduce the timeline of a Report on Compliance by 12 weeks.
  • Save invaluable hours and dollars by reducing email churn and the amount of overdue evidence.
  • Adopts an Agile approach to managing & sustaining continuous PCI Compliance.

The proof is in the pudding. Let us show you how.

If you prefer the constant chaos of PCI compliance or the constant churn of good employees, keep scrolling.


If you want to end the continuous cycles of PCI Fatigue, employee burnout, and lack of repeatable process, email support@paymentcardassessments.com and let’s chat.

The Ultimate Guide On How To Manage PCI DSS Requirement Frequencies

Through our Ultimate Guide On How To Manage PCI DSS Requirement Frequencies, we’ll walk you through each requirement area and show you what the specific requirement frequencies are, why they have a frequency, and we’re going to share our best practices on how to create sustainable processes so that you can maintain PCI DSS Compliance without pulling your hair out.

10 Essential Tasks To Do BEFORE You Start Your 2023 PCI Report On Compliance

Don’t Start Your 2023 PCI Report on Compliance Without Doing These 10 Essential Tasks FIRST:

The end of the first quarter is quickly approaching. It’s time to get your PCI Compliance house in order.

Because nobody wants to be the next Landry’s and have a $20M fine upheld by federal court.

1. You have a copy of the signed Statement of Work with your QSA

Make sure you have this statement of work at your fingertips throughout your assessment period. This agreement protects you and your QSA for work that is contractually agreed upon.

2. Complete an end-to-end PCI Scope Assessment

The success of your PCI Report on Compliance hinges upon an accurate PCI Scope Assessment.

Your scope assessment includes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your cardholder data environment and anything or anybody that connects to your cardholder data environment.

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