Establishing a world class PCI compliance program isn’t rocket science but it does require planning, organizing, elbow grease and a lot of influencing. If you’re up to the challenge, you can make a big difference and Win at PCI Compliance!

Now…on demand, our free master class, How to Win at PCI Compliance: 7 Proven Strategies You Can Implement Today

In our master class we’re going to address the five biggest mistakes most merchants make, why they continue to make them, how to take corrective action to strengthen your security posture. Peggy’s also going to share tips and proven tactics on the following:

  • How to pinpoint and remediate key issues before, during, and after your annual Report on Compliance.
  • Master how to revise and enhance your critical compliance processes to show maturity in your compliance program.
  • Actionable steps on how to create a sustainable PCI DSS compliance program your CIO will love.

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10 Critical Responsibilities of a PCI ISA

I remember when I was working as an IT Security Project Manager responsible for the implementation of 10 different security projects for the new. cardholder data at a Fortune 100 Company. They had a job posting for a PCI Compliance Program Manager and I thought, why not?

The job description looked easy enough. In fact, I flipped my resume over on a whim during lunch on a Friday. Got called by the internal recruiter within 20 minutes and was interviewed on Monday and hired by Wednesday.

I had no idea what was really in store for me. Nobody did.

Because nobody I interviewed with understood HOW to run a successful PCI DSS Compliance program for a level 1 merchant.

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