Establishing a world class PCI compliance program isn’t rocket science but it does require planning, organizing, elbow grease and a lot of influencing. If you’re up to the challenge, you can make a big difference and Win at PCI Compliance!

Now…on demand, our free master class, How to Win at PCI Compliance: 7 Proven Strategies You Can Implement Today

In our master class we’re going to address the five biggest mistakes most merchants make, why they continue to make them, how to take corrective action to strengthen your security posture. Peggy’s also going to share tips and proven tactics on the following:

  • How to pinpoint and remediate key issues before, during, and after your annual Report on Compliance.
  • Master how to revise and enhance your critical compliance processes to show maturity in your compliance program.
  • Actionable steps on how to create a sustainable PCI DSS compliance program your CIO will love.

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10 Essential Tasks To Do BEFORE You Start Your 2023 PCI Report On Compliance

Don’t Start Your 2023 PCI Report on Compliance Without Doing These 10 Essential Tasks FIRST:

The end of the first quarter is quickly approaching. It’s time to get your PCI Compliance house in order.

Because nobody wants to be the next Landry’s and have a $20M fine upheld by federal court.

1. You have a copy of the signed Statement of Work with your QSA

Make sure you have this statement of work at your fingertips throughout your assessment period. This agreement protects you and your QSA for work that is contractually agreed upon.

2. Complete an end-to-end PCI Scope Assessment

The success of your PCI Report on Compliance hinges upon an accurate PCI Scope Assessment.

Your scope assessment includes the who, what, where, when, why, and how of your cardholder data environment and anything or anybody that connects to your cardholder data environment.

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