Here's What Happens When You Implement These 3 Pillars of Excellence to Achieve Continuous PCI DSS Compliance


When you automate key processes and critical control areas

  • You’ll realize real savings in the total cost to maintain PCI Compliance 365.
  • You won’t struggle with your annual report on compliance
  • You’ll gather and collect evidence that’s needed for your Report on Compliance in a manner consistent with the requirement frequencies
  • You’ll reduce churn 
  • You’ll reduce the errors in accuracy that spreadsheets cause
  • You’ll create a business as usual mindset for PCI DSS Compliance


When your staff is educated on PCI DSS Compliance you win

  • Your staff understands the legal and contractual obligations your organization has to maintaining continuous compliance
  • Your staff understands the importance of safe-guarding customer payment account data
  • Your staff responds to cardholder data environment problems and challenges in a timely manner so that you can maintain continuous PCI DSS compliance


When you have processes that are effective and efficient, you know you’re organization is doing the right things well.

  • Continuous process improvement initiatives
  • Ongoing gap assessments to ensure continuous PCI DSS Compliance
  • Implementing work flow automation to improve the assessment process

Watch this 90 second video and decide which pillar of PCI DSS excellence you're going to work on this month!

Implement Continuous PCI Compliance With A Sustainability Framework That REALLY Works!

I’ll be the first to admit that continuous PCI Compliance was beyond my grasp when I started my PCI journey in 2012. I was doing my best not to drown in a sea of confusion and chaos.

If something like our newest course, Implement Continuous PCI Compliance, existed a decade ago, I would have been all over this.

Read More!

26 Apr 2024

The Internal Security Assessor’s Guide to Mastering PCI DSS Requirements With Frequencies

A PCI DSS compliance expert highlights the critical role of adhering to defined and periodic frequency requirements in maintaining security measures. Frequent reviews, such as every six months for network security control rule sets, are mandatory. Failure in compliance can lead to severe repercussions for organizations. Payment Card Assessments aids compliance through automation, education, and operation strategies, enhancing program effectiveness. Proper process implementation and training are essential for meeting PCI DSS standards and leveraging tools like the Requirement Frequency template enhances compliance management.

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