If you're not using templates, you're wasting precious time

I’ll never forget when I first started managing the PCI DSS Compliance program at a Level 1 merchant. There was one SharePoint folder loaded with disorganized documentation, spreadsheets, and screen shots. I spent too many hours making sense of the chaos and getting the required evidence and documentation as organized as I could.

After getting the documentation and evidence organized in the most basic way, I realized that having templates to do the same repeatable tasks over and over would save me even more time. 

Templates save time, money, and effort

There are so many moving parts when it comes to PCI DSS Compliance.

And, quite frankly, it’s not your QSA’s job to manage your PCI compliance. It’s yours.

“How to complete a Report on Compliance” was the first guidebook / template we published at Payment Card Assessments.

In this guidebook, we’ve identified 35 key milestones, created several template checklists, and step by step instructions on what to do and when to do it.

For Pro and Corporate Resource Center subscribers we have guidebooks, checklists, and more templates to help you manage your PCI DSS compliance on a daily basis. 

Repeatable processes help improve your compliance maturity as well as save you time so that you can focus your attention on assessing evidence or continuous compliance. 

Ready to save time? Download one or all of our proven PCI DSS Compliance templates!

Report on Compliance Guide

Scope Assessment Guide & Templates

Third Party Service Provider Responsibility Template

Consolidated Interview & Observation Schedule (Template)

Our best time saving templates are available in our digital download shop as well as our Resource Center for Pro and Corporate subscribers

PS: You’ll save money when you subscribe!

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