4 Big Reasons Why We Chose ClickUp For Our PCI Compliance Workflow Tool, Polaris PCA

If you run a PCI Compliance program, you know it’s a thankless and stressful role. 

  • Have you ever spent hours sending out PCI Compliance related emails and getting nothing back?
  • When someone asked you what you did for work did you ever say that you were highly paid to herd cats?
  • Did it feel like every morning was ground hog day when you looked in the mirror, and said “&#$!% this PCI job”?
  • Did you ever think running a PCI DSS Compliance Program is a thankless job and started looking at another line of work?

Peggy and I have both had those thoughts, which is why we started Payment Card Assessments, LLC.

When Peggy and I first launched our PCI Compliance business we made it our mission to share our wealth of knowledge and experience in a way that would help merchants save


We knew exactly what we had to do 

  • integrate customized PCI Compliance assessment workflows with
  • a kick-butt PCI DSS expert knowledge base into an automated project management workflow tool.

But what tool would we choose?

When it comes to “Automated Project Management Workflow” tools there are many to choose from, you may recognize a name or two:

  • Monday
  • ClickUp
  • Trello
  • JIRA
  • Asana

I’m not here to pick apart each tool (they are all great), I’m here to tell you why we chose ClickUp!

Peggy and I had previous experience using an automated project management workflow tool. We did our best to customize that tool to our unique PCI Compliance needs. But it didn’t allow us to do everything we wished it would.

It lacked the customizations and views that we were looking for, but most importantly … it wasn’t SIMPLE to use. 

We needed a tool that was so easy anyone could use it to manage their PCI Report on Compliance or PCI Compliance Sustainability Programs.  

So the hunt began!

We researched the “Top 3,” analyzing each of their pros and cons.  In the end, we chose ClickUp.

Our 4 Big Reasons WHY We Chose ClickUp:

  1. Voted best in AI Automation
Assigning work to your team members is so easy, we are talking seconds.⏱
No more getting stuck in email hell. 👿. The workflow customizations we built do the follow-up and reminders for you.  

2. Views = The Secret Sauce

Views are the secret sauce. 🤐
ClickUp makes it possible to see your work, your way.  Each view provides a unique perspective on your work or your teams work. The views allow you to visualize tasks on a List, Board, or a Calendar and see their interconnectedness.

3. Task Window Customization

It had the most to offer in terms of field, label, and tagging customization.  This was exactly what we needed to integrate our knowledge base.  
Our built-in knowledge base makes it easy for the SME, ISA, and QSA to complete their tasks. 🧐

4. Dashboards

It has an easy Dashboard feature with many templates to choose from.  
The Dashboard allow you to see how you’re doing in real-time, providing visibility 👀 to senior management if needed.  

Having run a PCI Compliance program on post-it-notes, spreadsheets, and a tool designed for ticketing, ClickUp is a dream to work with.

We created Polaris PCA, a customized workflow project management application with a built-in PCI Compliance expert knowledge base that sits on the platform of one of the “best in class” tools in the industry. 

An application that will make it easy to manage your Report on Compliance and for your teams to deliver their evidence.  So easy in fact that we can’t imagine why you wouldn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

Get started using Polaris PCA today!!    

👇Watch the very short video below about “Assigning a task using the List View”, it takes seconds!!!

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