I wish I had had the PCI workshops and resources that included easy to follow directions and training that came in smaller, easier to consume learning modules when I started walking down the PCI path.

Trying to learn everything about PCI DSS Compliance in an 8 hour or 12 hour training session is like drinking from a fire hose.

My first year was numbing. My ISA training didn’t teach me the practical knowledge that I needed to run an effective and efficient PCI DSS Compliance program.

  • No one teaches you how to do a scope assessment.
  • No one teaches you how to plan and manag a Report on Compliance.
  • No one teaches you how to ensure you’re collecting the right evidence to prove compliance. 
  • No one teaches you how to create and implement a successful continuous PCI Compliance program

To my former PCI ISA newbie self and all the other newbies out there, Payment Card Assessments has created what you wish existed all those years ago. 

Why would we create easy to consume PCI workshops?

Two reasons: 

  1. We’ve known for years that critical aspects of running an effective continuous PCI DSS Compliance program don’t exist anywhere – not even through the PCI SSC and
  2. We believe that new to PCI cybersecurity analysts or GRC specialists should never feel dazed and confused when they’re starting their compliance journey.

Will you be joining us in January for these critical PCI Workshops?

In The Art of Managing A Successful PCI Report on CompliancePeggy Nolan is going to teach you, step by step, how to plan, manage, and successfully deliver the annual PCI DSS Report on Compliance. This workshop is online via zoom. Registered participants will receive the workshop recording. For a complete workshop description, click the button below.

In our 2 part Build Clean Keep Clean Configuration Management workshop, you’ll learn:

  1. The 5 most common errors organizations make with configuration management
  2. The basics of server hardening
  3. Why scanning is critical to this process
  4. What needs to be included in the scan report
  5. Timeline to remediate configuration drift
  6. 3 common configuration drift scenarios
  7. The benefits and value of implementing a Build Clean Keep Clean process
  8. The Build Clean Keep Clean process that every organization can adopt

During this 60 minute on demand PCI scope workshop, attendees will learn the following:

  • How to break down the PCI DSS definition of scope
  • How to leverage key scoping concepts to ensure you’ve accurately captured scope
  • The PCA formula to easily manage in scope PCI assets through process improvement and automation

If you’re serious about becoming a PCI DSS rockstar, we’ll see you soon.

And if you’re a merchant or service provider organization, you’ll want to send your compliance and cybersecurity teams to our PCI workshops.

We look forward to helping you get your PCI Compliance house in order in 2023!

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